Alejandra Quintana-Martínez


Alejandra Quintana-Martínez is a feminist researcher, holds a Master’s degree in Gender Studies from the National University of Colombia, a Bachelor of Music with emphasis in History from the Javeriana University and a Bachelor of Advertising and Marketing with emphasis in Cultural Communication from the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University. Her areas of work, research and teaching have focused on inclusive communication, education and musicology with gender perspective. She has been a teacher at several universities such as the National University of Colombia and Javeriana University, in areas related to musical appreciation, women’s history in music, and gender musicology. Her academic and research work in the aforementioned areas has resulted in the publication of different articles and the printed book “Mujeres en la Música en Colombia. El género de los géneros”, in collaboration with Carmen Millán de Benavides (2012), as well as the production of audiovisual material related to sexual violence within the framework of the Colombian armed conflict and recognized Colombian feminists. In partnership with Adrián Villa – Dávila, she was awarded the District Research Grant in music 2015 with the project: “Songs Birds Taught Me: Women, armed conflict and resistances from music in Bogotá.” She also won in 2008 the National Music Research Grant of the Ministry of Culture of Colombia, with the project “Gender Perspective in the National Music Plan for Coexistence”.