Asha Chai-Chang

CEO Love My Productions

Asha Chai-Chang is CEO of Love My Productions, LLC and Light of Enrichment, Inc. She is also an Award-winning Director, Producer, Actress, Published Author, and Market Manager, among many accolades. Currently, 30 years old, located in Charlotte, NC and most notable for directing and producing the award-winning film, “Cruise Control”.

Director Statement

“Spoiler Alert” was created in only 55 hours (including sleep time) for the International 2017 Four Points Film Project. We took on the challenge of having a female-led cast, an all female writing team, and a female director to create a short film about a universally relatable topic without taking about men.

Can we say Bechdel Test winner?

(Bechdel Test: A work of fiction features at least two women who talk to each other about something other than a man.)